Steampunk Dragons in Polymer Clay - Downloadable VIDEO Tutorial-Learn How To Create Dragon Sculptures w/Gears, Faux Metal + Sculpted details

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Learn how to create your own version of one of Sandy Huntress's most popular sculptures: the steampunk dragon.

This class covers all the steps in this very detailed project.

**** We start with where to find inspiration for the attitude, mood and pose of your dragon. You'll get ideas for props, inclusions and extras.

**** Then we'll build an armature that will be the skeleton for your dragon’s body. You'll learn how to build it and get tips for achieving exactly the look you want.

**** Next we'll add fun details including faux metal plates, steampunk gears, and the coolest looking wings. You can even give your dragon its own brass goggles!

We'll also look briefly at how gears in a clock actually work. Nothing too technical, but it will help us get a more realistic effect.

Along the way Sandy will show how to correct problems, personalize your project and give design tips so that when are you done you will have an amazing piece of art!

Watch a video preview of this class:

Comments from students: ~~~~~~~

"I’m so grateful for Sandy's class because it pushed me to try something I had never done before. That was my very first sculptural piece. I actually started watching the class thinking there was no way I could do it. I love my little guy and how he turned out."

~~ Jennifer Mathis

"Thank you Sandy Huntress for showing a way to make an armature that actually works for me. I will definitely be using this technique again!"

~~ Debby Glynn

"Remus the Reader Steampunk Dragon is complete. Thanks, Sandy Huntress, for a great tutorial."

~~ Holly Cooper Taylor

"Thank you Sandy for a great class, I really enjoyed this one."

~~ Erin Baggett Perkins

"Thanks, Sandy! I really enjoyed your tutorial - it has opened my eyes to all sorts of options."

~~ Bronwen Cleary

"I always enjoy Sandy Huntress' videos. She's amazingly talented."

~~ Gale Loder

"I had so much fun with this project!!! Thank you Sandy for such a wonderful class. I have never made a dragon before now I will never stop! I learned so much."

~~ Andrea Daniel


This class includes nine videos for a total of 4 hour of instruction.

You will receive a PDF with:

* Links and password for all nine videos
* Materials list
* Helpful product links
* A printable outline for all the steps involved in making your dragon
* Templates for the wings in two sizes

********************** Note*****************************
Except for the outline, there is no written instruction for this class, it is all on video.

You have the option of downloading your classes to keep for your personal use forever!

This video tutorial is suitable for any polymer clayers, from beginner on up. If you know the basics, like how to condition clay, you are ready to start creating steampunk dragons.

Yes, it is a detailed, involved project with lots of steps, but none of them are difficult. :-)


PDF with links to all videos and material list

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10 pages
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Steampunk Dragons in Polymer Clay - Downloadable VIDEO Tutorial-Learn How To Create Dragon Sculptures w/Gears, Faux Metal + Sculpted details

0 ratings